Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Captain's log Earth Date April 15, 2009 - Wowee we have a winner

There is a saying on planet Earth that I have heard very often and yet it still puzzles me. When someone has had a really fun end to their week, or has participated in an certain activity on the weekend and really had a fun time, they will proclaim to everyone around, "I sure had fun, I hope everyone else had fun too."

First of all, why would I have fun doing the same activity they were doing. They probably had fun cheating at whatever game they were playing or had fun spraying little kids with the cold water of the garden hose and making life miserable for all the citizens of this land around them. Even more puzzling is who these people say that phrase to and why.

At my observation post I would like to call "work," I have observed, several times, my "supervisor,"(little does he know that my star ship could decimate his puny little vehicle in micro seconds) come back to a war torn, overtime clock ticking, weekend working, workplace after having enjoyed his 2 days of relaxation weekend, and say," Wow, this weekend was nice, I hope you all enjoyed your weekend." Is this a Earth custom that I am unfamiliar with? Why does this torture continue in a society that is quote on quote, "modern?" Does a force field exist around him that allows rays of pure and undying displeasure bounce right off of him?

Well, I may not have the answer to this question yet, but employees should only have to put up with so much cruelty before they are allowed to crack and start busting some knuckles.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Captain's Log Earth Date February 21, 2009

I discovered something in the Earth culture called comedy. I think this is funny, but can help to feel sorry for those people. My ship orbiting the Earth caught it all on sensors. This world has great potential for happiness, and also great misery. This video is an example of what damage a careless person can cause. From a coke bottle to this. What is next?

Friday, February 13, 2009

Earth Date February 13, 2009 - The Little Engine that Use ta Could...

So, is the sad story of the Little Engine, that "use ta could." Strange planet this Earth is. All these places called museums contain a lot of the same characteristics as the places used to house dead people. Graveyards are all around these humans and they snap pictures and even place little pink balls of sticky stuff on the corpses that dot these museums.
There was a group of little kids all wearing uniforms with patches on them, and frowns on their faces. Possible because they were incredibly bored looking at deceased locomotives. One of the little kids was in panic mode and pushed on a security door that starting making an intense beeping noise. Smart little devil must have planned to do that, in order for him to get his group out of this musty mortuary.
What more? Well, I have looked into a little of Earth's history and discovered that a book was written about a little engine(train), and how it worked hard and succeeded in accomplishing its' goal of delivering things to a town. Well, how do those little children feel who read that book, and then go visit a mausoleum full of these little engines that have long since pasted on. "Sorry kids, you may work hard, and make people happy, but sooner or later, you are going to die and be put on display. Ha, Ha."

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Captain's Log Earth Date February 3,2009 - Karate Chop This

I have always thought it was cool to run around and karate chop things. I guess this idea is more popular than I thought. These are just some random karate choppers, feel free to judge them and laugh at them. I personally don't think any of them are as good as Chuck Norris, but what do I know.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Earth Date February 1,2009 "Our Adventure"

Four of us friends, began our day with a hike on the Lord of the Rings trail.
We came across friends such as Tree Beard,

and crawled through tunnels of death, avoiding the venomous spiders, and last but not least, came to the castle in the land of Rohan. It was heavily foritfied, but we took it.

Then it was off to Hogwarts for a tour of the school that Harry Potter goes to.

What a day.

Earth log February 1,2009 Continued "The Dry and the Desolate"

This is all that is left of Folsom Lake. A place of beauty and awe, and also some sweet water skiing, but know all those water sports fanatics, need to focus their attention on becoming fans of the sport I like to call, "Playing in the Dirt."

Earth Date February 1,2009

Today is Superbowl Sunday, and I am doing everything but watching the Superbowl. Church was extremely spiritual today, and I found myself becoming teary eyed, listening to all the testimonies of the ward members who felt prompted to share theirs. I really love this church. I have gone to several different Christian churches in my life, and have never, yes that is right, never felt as good as I do when I attend the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
I remember an instance in which I attended a large church in the Sacramento area. I went with two friends of mine, and my experiences are as follows:
-I filled up my stomach on lemonade, and bagels, and some small little danishes. The food was great.
-I attended the young adult class at 10am. There were many different convenient times to go to this class, but I wanted to go in the morning. This class started with a guy up on stage singing and playing the guitar to some sort of christian rock songs. Everyone in the room knew his name except me, but he was an excellent singer and guitar player. The people sang songs, and stood up from their seats, put their hands in the air and waved them back and forth to the sounds streaming from his guitar. After the mini-rock concert, I was ready for some good ol' gospel discussion. We were divided into groups, and asked to talk about a verse in Corinthians. Well, everyone in my group pulled out their bibles so I pulled out mine. Of course mine were also attached to the rest of the standard works of the church. The Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price. I was labeled the kid with the large Bible. Can I get a what, what? Well, a discussion ensued about what Paul was talking about in Corinthians, and Love was mentioned and talked about for almost the entire 20 minute discussion. Yes, I did pull some quotes from the Book of Mormon and add them into the discussion. I don't think anyone in the group realized that. hehehe.
After Sunday school, I attended the large "Modern" service, as opposed to the "Classic old timers" service. There was another band playing, and lots of singing, and a good sermon on how the member ought to be free with their pockets to help build up God's kingdom on earth.
The many other instances in which I have been to other "Christian" churches, and this instance included, has helped in my realization and testimony that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is the true church. The kingdom of God is on earth once more, and the spirit stands ready to testify that to everyone who wants to know.
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, this is my Sunday blog, so just thought that I needed to blog about what I thought about while at church; other than why the little kid in front of us that kept trying to eat crayons, or why there was another little kid rolling around on the floor crying.
Captain out until I feel like writing some more.