Saturday, January 31, 2009

Captain's Log Earth Date January 31,2009

I woke up this morning, and refreshed my mind upon the film that I saw last night, and it was good. Nothing could be more glamorous than watching a movie about a man trying to rescue his daughter, and beating up and killing every single person, or group of persons that had something to do with the kidnapping. Justice is served.
A brief highlight of today's activities goes as follows:
-woke up
-did my chuck norris motivational workout(in my mind)
-got dressed
-went with friends Joe and Brooke, to Napa Valley, and toured wine country without partaking thereof
-enjoyed paying $7 dollars a person to tour a farm of petrified trees(I honestly believe that these people are responsible for the volcanic eruptions around the world, so that they can prepare a crop of petrified trees for future generations)
-enjoyed shopping at the Vacaville outlets
-played Mad Libs in the Car(which ended up with the use of potty language)
-went out for Mexican Food, and got charged .65 cents for sour cream
-ended the night preparing for school on Monday