Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Captain's log Earth Date April 15, 2009 - Wowee we have a winner

There is a saying on planet Earth that I have heard very often and yet it still puzzles me. When someone has had a really fun end to their week, or has participated in an certain activity on the weekend and really had a fun time, they will proclaim to everyone around, "I sure had fun, I hope everyone else had fun too."

First of all, why would I have fun doing the same activity they were doing. They probably had fun cheating at whatever game they were playing or had fun spraying little kids with the cold water of the garden hose and making life miserable for all the citizens of this land around them. Even more puzzling is who these people say that phrase to and why.

At my observation post I would like to call "work," I have observed, several times, my "supervisor,"(little does he know that my star ship could decimate his puny little vehicle in micro seconds) come back to a war torn, overtime clock ticking, weekend working, workplace after having enjoyed his 2 days of relaxation weekend, and say," Wow, this weekend was nice, I hope you all enjoyed your weekend." Is this a Earth custom that I am unfamiliar with? Why does this torture continue in a society that is quote on quote, "modern?" Does a force field exist around him that allows rays of pure and undying displeasure bounce right off of him?

Well, I may not have the answer to this question yet, but employees should only have to put up with so much cruelty before they are allowed to crack and start busting some knuckles.